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The Life Story of Archbishop Gregory

This is the life of Archbishop Gregory (George) of Denver and Northern America, a member of the Holy Genuine Orthodox Church of America. Let the truth be known, to refute the many rumors and slanders made by the enemies of Christ and His Church. Amen!

Table of Contents

1. Early History

2. Childhood to Adulthood

3. Visiting the Monastery

4. Exile from the World

5. The First Trip to Greece

6. First Visit to Mount Athos

7. Athens

8. The Visit to Aegina

9. Novitiate

10. Miracle on Washington Street

11. Iconographic Obedience

12. Tonsure

13. Archimandrite Cyprian of Fili

14. Life in the Monastery

15. Holy Nativity Convent

16. The Dawning of the Will of God

17. Father Gregory’s First Meeting with Archbishop Andrew

18. Father Gregory Seeks a Sign

19. First Visitation

20. Father Gregory Leaves the Monastery for Six Hours

21. The Meaning of Fr. Ieronymos’ Words

22. The Second Visit with Archbishop Andrew

23. A Sign from God

24. Father Gregory’s Departure

25. Arrival in Jordanville

26. Father Gregory’s Visits to the Boston Monastery

27. New Possibility in Canada

28. New Possibility in Colorado

29. Consolation During Construction

30. Ordination to the Priesthood

31. Another Trip Back East and “The Bomb”

32. Telephone Service and Electricity Come to the Skete

33. Another Trip to Mount Athos and the Revelation that Led to HOCNA

34. The Emergence of Cyprian of Fili

35. Father Gregory Joins the Greek Old Calendar Church

36. To the Lamian Synod

37. The Coming of Fr. Niphon

38. Archimandrite Gregory Joins the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church

39. Bishop Gregory as a Member of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church

40. Metropolitan Valentine’s Unexplainable Change of Attitude

41. The Reception of Archbishop Ambrose

42. The Consecration of Bishop John

43. The Falling Away of Archbishop Ambrose



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