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Chapter 30: Ordination to the Priesthood

Now that Dormition Skete was fully established, the bishops decided that at the next visitation of Bishop Alypy to Denver for the feast day of the parish of All Saints of Russia, Fr. Gregory was to be ordained to the holy priesthood. Everybody at the church was exceedingly happy, and great preparations were made for this event. It was also the feast of All Saints of Mount Athos which made the occasion even more meaningful. Father Gregory‘s mother even flew out from Boston for the feast to see her son ordained a priest.

Hieromonk Gregory

Not everyone, however, was pleased with this event, for when the news went about the Russian Church there was one complaint lodged. Yes, and it was in writing from the Boston monastery that Bishop Alypy had broken the canons by ordaining a runaway monk. Of course, not one of the bishops paid any heed to this complaint, and the only thing that was accomplished was more exposure of Fr. Panteleimon‘s intrigue.

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