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This is the life story of Archbishop Gregory, who from his earliest manhood understood that the most important thing in life is faith in God. He wanted to be pleasing to his Creator, he wanted to know his Creator, and he wanted to follow the example of the saints. This is possible for every person living in every era of Christianity. It so happened that in this era of the last times, for someone to live in accordance with God, to follow the narrow path prescribed by Christ, he must encounter divers temptations every step of the way, whether from demons or from men. Despite all of these stumbling blocks which the evil one placed before him, Archbishop Gregory was able to fulfill his dream in the monastic life and established, with the help of God, a beautiful monastery in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

The life of Archbishop Gregory proves that a person can remain steadfast in the Faith, no matter what the circumstances in which he finds himself. He was, and continues to abide, steadfast in the Grace of God. He and Bishop John are the only hierarchs in America who have never compromised the Orthodox Faith in any manner. Archbishop Gregory has always been in the Church, and he will die in the Church. He has gathered together many under his direction whose sole goal is similarly to maintain the purity of Orthodoxy.

Aside from his ecclesiastical achievements, he is an accomplished iconographer whose works have been reproduced and distributed all over the world. Dormition Skete is one of the leading producers of icon reproductions in the United States.

The establishment of Holy Apostles Convent is another example of his diligent work. This convent has produced about 30 volumes of the most edifying books. There are translations of the lives of the saints never before seen in English. These publications also have enlightened and educated countless people of all religions all over the globe. Another notable achievement of the convent and the monastery is the publication of the Orthodox New Testament and the Orthodox Psalter. The Orthodox New Testament is the only translation of the Greek text ever made into English by Greeks, and other Orthodox scholars, of the Scriptures.

Yet truly one of the most notable achievements is the gathering of so many noble souls, not only in the monastic life, but also among the laity who have in their own capacity dedicated themselves to Christ and His Church. They have gathered under true bishops solely because of the preservation of Orthodoxy.

The Genuine Orthodox Church of America is without question the continuation of the Russian Church Abroad, which was the pillar of Orthodoxy at the dawn of the ecumenical heresy, from 1965 to 1994. The episcopacy of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America is a direct line from the confessing Russian Church Abroad, as the life of Archbishop Gregory shows clearly. It is a noteworthy fact that the Russian Church established its canonical authority over the United States in 1794, since it was the first Orthodox Church to bring and establish Orthodox Christianity to the United States. It was the first and it is the last truly confessing Church in the United States.

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