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Chapter 42: The Consecration of Bishop John

With the reception of Archbishop Ambrose, the Church in America now had two bishops. Archbishop Ambrose kept his diocese of New York City and New York State. We had the beginning of a Synod of bishops. Since we were conscious of ourselves as the continuation of the Russian Church Abroad in America because of our faith, as well as the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church because of our canonicity, yet we were not Russian. It was therefore decided that the name Genuine Orthodox Church of America would be the most appropriate, because indeed we recognize ourselves as the genuine Orthodox Church of America. All others in America had fallen away from Christ, either by their participation in the heresy of Ecumenism or by schism.

In a synodal meeting in December, 2007, Archbishop Ambrose made a resolution to ordain a third bishop, Archimandrite George. His nomination to be elevated to the episcopacy had already been submitted about six years earlier under the ROAC. Archbishop Ambrose also wanted his name to be changed to John, in honor of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. Archbishop Gregory agreed to the ordination, however, he gave him a second patron: St. John the Theologian.

On Sunday, January 6, 2008, the eve of the Nativity of Christ, Archbishop Gregory and Archbishop Ambrose consecrated to the holy episcopacy Archimandrite George, who was renamed Bishop John. This was conducted in the Cathedral of the Dormition, before all the faithful. Now the Genuine Orthodox Church of America had three bishops. Bishop John was made a vicar bishop under Archbishop Gregory. His diocese was the city of Colorado Springs.

The Consecration of Bishop John

The Consecration of Bishop John

Bishop John

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