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Chapter 10: Miracle on Washington Street

As was previously mentioned, George was one of twins. After George‘s entrance into the monastery, his brother Richard‘s responsibility for his parents became quite important, since they depended on him for assistance in many things. Richard‘s support also impacted the young George, for had he been unable to provide that care, the young George would have been obliged by the tradition of the Church to sacrifice his monastic aspirations and care for his aged parents. The devil sought to bring about such a catastrophe on the following two occasions.

One night, as Richard was driving home, he fell asleep at the wheel and literally wrapped his automobile around a telephone pole. To the amazement of all, he was not killed or seriously injured, but only sustained minor injuries to his face and arm. Anybody seeing the aftermath in the morning and the total disaster, would have sworn that the occupant was killed, especially since he was not wearing a seatbelt. Providentially, his life was preserved. After calling the monastery and explaining all that had transpired, George exhorted him to be careful in all things.

Shortly after this, after George‘s father suffered a stroke, Richard was married. Richard now became the sole source of income for the entire household. In an effort to make ends meet, he purchased a hardware store just a few blocks from his home.

One afternoon, he called the monastery and had to speak urgently to his brother, the young George. He told him that he had just experienced a miraculous event that he had to share with him. He had just traveled to many suppliers in Boston and purchased new inventory for his store. Having parked his pickup truck in front of his store next to the sidewalk, he lowered the tailgate to unload the goods and carry them into the store. When he was standing behind the tailgate unloading, he felt two hands take hold of his shoulders from behind and push him aside, immediately placing him on the sidewalk. A split second later, an automobile slammed into the back of his truck at high speed. The deranged driver caused a great accident and the goods were strewn all over the area. The police determined that the driver of that vehicle was using drugs and he had been speeding so fast that he went through the red light, passing the stopped cars on the right side, and slammed into the back of Richard‘s truck. Had those angelic hands not removed him from that spot, at the very least, his legs would have been severed from his body, if he survived at all.

Richard was in shock for hours, beholding this catastrophe and his preservation. When he called George, he still could not believe what had happened to him, and with trembling asked for his prayers. The young George gave thanks to God and told him to be careful because if anything happened to him, how was it possible for George to remain in the monastery and permit his family to suffer without anyone working to support them?

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