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The Horrific Death of Heresiarch Cyprian (2013)

The Horrific Death of Heresiarch Cyprian (2013)

The term “Cyprianites” signifies the parasynagogue and heresy formed in the 1970’s around the person of the so-called Metropolitan of Oropos and Filii, Cyprian — a schismatic from the ranks of the Florinite Greek Old-Calendarists.

The vain-glorious archimandrite Cyprian began his episcopal ‘career’ by organizing an uncanonical and secret ordination of himself and seven other archimandrites in an attempted takeover of the leadership of the Greek Old-Calendarists in 1979, for which he and the others were deposed by the Florinite Synod. Most of the others repented; however, Cyprian did not, and not being able to find recognition with any other group, he developed a new, heretical ecclesiology to justify his isolation, validate his episcopacy, and put down his detractors as incompetant and unorthodox. He called his newly created church the Holy Synod in Resistance.

Metropolitan Cyprian taught that: 1) the ecumenical churches of World Orthodoxy who have been anathematized for their ecumenism still have the grace of God in their mysteries, 2) he applies the label of “ill” or “sick” to the heretics, which are terms only applicable to sinners who are members of the Church, and 3) he teaches that councils, not heresies, separate one from the Church.

In this way, he justifies his ecclesiology of administering communion to, and accepting the mysteries of the heretics, regardless of whether they have fallen into ecumenism, modernism, or even papism. For he taught that until an Ecumenical Council, assembled from every Orthodox group, whether they be heretical or schismatic, declares the churches of World Orthodoxy invalid, he considers these organizations to be part of the Church.

This convoluted ecclesiology denies the existence of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, and brings one into communion with heresy. Therefore Cyprianism is rightly called crypto-ecumenism. Thus, the Cyprianites, being a schism turned heretical, should rightfully find a place in the LIST OF HERETICS.

Not content with just destroying their own souls through their new heresy, the Cyprianites have connived to pollute as many other churches as possible with their heresy. By joining in communion with these illegitimate heretics who call themselves “traditional,” the vast majority of Old Calendarists in our days have fallen away from the Church and corrupted the Orthodox Faith with the Cyprianite heresy.

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