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Metropolis of the Mediterranean and Islands (Christopher and Christopher)

Metropolitan Christophoros of Mesogaia was a part of the Lamian Synod under Archbishop Makarios. He left them in 2013 when Makarios’ synod went in communion with the name-worshiping, homosexuality-riddled HOCNA. Remaining by himself for a time, Metropolitan Christophoros, in 2014, was joined by a Bulgarian “bishop,” Christopher of Sardica, who originated from the Bulgarian Alternative Synod, an offshoot of the official church of Bulgaria. As this Alternative Synod came into existence in 1992, it had already fallen from grace through its communion with Ecumenist World Orthodoxy since 1965, and the episcopal ordination of Christopher of Sardica was meaningless. Christophoros of Mesogaia, on his own, single-handedly received Christopher into communion in his existing episcopal rank through cheirothesia (according to Christopher of Bulgaria’s personal testimony on television), although it is contrary to the tradition of the Church for one bishop to receive a repenting bishop into the Church in his orders. We hope that Metropolitan Christophoros will not continue isolated from the true bishops of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America. He has preserved an Orthodox confession of faith and has not succumbed to any heresy. It is only necessary that the episcopal consecration of Christopher of Sardica should be regularized by an Orthodox synod of bishops. The law of love dictates that Christopher and Christopher should not remain aloof from the Church, lest they become guilty of schism.

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