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The term ‘Protestant’ signifies the amorphous mass of non-Roman Catholic heresies formed since the 16th century in the West in contradiction or retaliation to the Roman Catholic Church.

Whereas the one dogma that binds all Roman Catholics past and present together is submission to the Pope as sole authority (thereby abolishing every other authority), the one dogma that all Protestants have in common is the rejection of the need for submission to any rule for salvation, other than one’s own private opinion (about everything).

Undoubtably, within Protestantism there are many opinions and contrary beliefs, but they all base their religion ultimately in a rejection of external authority as needed for salvation. What Rome began with rejection of all authority save that of the Pope, Protestantism finished by rejecting the authority of the Pope as well. This results in an indifference to and a severance from the Body of Christ, the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, the sole Church founded by Him and His Apostles.

Among the innumerable heresies found among Protestants (the number of ‘denominations’ in the world currently exceeds 26,000), there are: denial of the priesthood and all mysteries (baptism, eucharist, etc.), denial of the saints and their ability to intercede for us, assertion that the character of one’s life is a matter indifferent for salvation - only confession or lack of confession that Jesus is your Savior affects one’s salvation, rejection of Apostolic tradition and the Church as authorities, predestination or the arbitrary election and damnation of men by nothing but a divine whim, millenialism or chiliasm, and many others.


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