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Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece (GOC Kallinikos/HOTCA)

The GOC Kallinikos is a group that fell into schism in 1994 when it was led by Archbishop Chrysostomos II (Kiousis). His successor at the present time is "Archbishop" Kallinikos of Achaia.

As the leader of this church, Archbishop Chrysostomos broke the unity of the synod into two factions, and with half of his bishops supporting him, set up with them a secret parallel synod and incorporated it under the same name, in order to funnel Church funds into this shadow corporation. In this way, he attempted to appropriate all church and monastery property to himself and to run the Church in a totalitarian way. When the shadow corporation was discovered, the synod split, and the Lamian Synod separated from the GOC under Chrysostomos. Kiousis was the cause of this schism due to his breaking of the canons.

Archbishop Gregory, before becoming a bishop, briefly joined the GOC in 1995 after the apostasy of ROCOR, being unaware of the uncanonical actions that had taken place. Being advised by those in Greece, most notably by the abbot Euthymios of Esphigmenon, to join the Archbishop's group, saying that the split will only last a short time, as in the past, and the bishops will reunite, Father Gregory joined this group.

The faction of Chrysostomos Kiousis began to stray permanently from the Orthodox Faith in 1998 when his "synod" endorsed and consecrated an Ecumenist bishop, Archimandrite Paul of Astoria, N.Y., who believed and practiced the Cyprianite heresy by giving Communion to the New Calendarist World Orthodox. Metropolitan Paul of Astoria was notorious for the public statements he had made that reflected his Ecumenist beliefs. His ordination marked the first step of the GOC into heresy and even further estranged the Lamian Synod, who looked on in horror.

After Kiousis acomplished the ordination of Paul of Astoria, he proceeded to ordain five other young bishops known as the "baby bishops" because they were all canonically underage; two of them were his nephews and one of these two was even in his twenties! He did this not only to fill the ranks of the bishops who were lost due to his schism but also to maintain complete control of the synod by installing those who would always vote to support him.

To the present day, the synod of Archbishop Kallinikos has the reputation of being Cyprianite in their ecclesiology by the administration of the Holy Mysteries to the Ecumenist New Calendarists of both Greece and the United States.

In March of 2014, this schismatic synod of the G.O.C. of Greece under Archbishop Kallinikos and the heretical synod of the Cyprianites, the Synod of Resistors, entered into union with each other. This was accomplished with no repentance from either side. The Cyprianites did not repent of their heresy; they actually continue to reaffirm it. Thus two illegitimate and schismatic groups united to form one synod led by Kallinikos, and heretical Cyprianite ecclesiology was officially and warmly invited into the GOC of Greece.

Because of all of the above, this group too has been swallowed up by the unrelenting Cyprianite heresy.

The Shocking Funeral of Heresiarch Cyprian of Fili (2013)

The Shocking Funeral of Heresiarch Cyprian of Fili (2013)

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