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Russian Church Abroad (Agafangel)

The Synod of Metropolitan Agathangel (Agafangel) was formed shortly after the ill-fated union of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad with the Moscow Patriarchate in the year 2007, by employing the assistance of the Cyprianite bishop Ambrose of Methoni.

Metropolitan Agathangel began his episcopal journey in early 1994, shortly after the Russian Church Abroad began discussion with the so-called Synod of Resistors concerning an eccelsiastical union. Agathangel was consecrated to the episcopacy by the late Metropolitan Valentine, forming the Temporary Higher Church Administration, which later came to be known as the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church. Under pressure from the Russian Church Abroad, Agathangel capitulated and returned to the Russian Church Abroad.

The following presentation reveals the fundamental error of the Cyprianite ecclesiology, and thus the rotten foundation upon which Metropolitan Agathangel has laid his schismatic church.

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