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Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles

This false “Western Rite” church is a group that originated in the reprehensible Milan Synod under the notorious Mason and vagante “Bishop” Evlogius (Klaus Augustin Hessler, 1935-2019). The Milan Synod first came into existence when the blundering Archbishop Auxentios of the Greek Old Calendarists created a schism by illegally ordaining two bishops for Portugal, who in turn consecrated Evlogius a bishop. Later, the Milan Synod united itself with World Orthodoxy in 1989 via the Ukrainian Church and was also in communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople. When, however, in 2011, Evlogius sought union with the Moscow Patriarchate, the “American Metropolia” thought this was unacceptable (even though all of them were already outside the Church) and broke communion with the Milan Synod on April 4, 2011. Today they call themselves the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles, under the leadership of “Metropolian” John (LoBue) of New York and New Jersey. They have been in and out of communion with other heretical vagante groups over the years. One of their members, Joseph Mahomond-Suaiden, has a website called NFTU where he promotes the false idea that the Orthodox Church is composed of separate “True Orthodox jurisdictions” (which are, in reality, nothing more than illegitimate or heretical sects that are no longer part of the Orthodox Church).

The false church of the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia preens itself as “True Orthodox,” rejecting Ecumenism, Sergianism, modernism, and the new calendar, yet they have no historical connection to the true Church, but rather to the Old Catholics of Europe and the dubious “Western Rite” communities that were under the Soviet Moscow Patriarchate created by Stalin.


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