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The Milan Synod

The term “Milan Synod” refers to the heretical “Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of Milan, Western Europe, and the Americas”, a fragment of the short-lived West-European diocese of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece, which soon united itself to World Pseudo-Orthodoxy (see the menu at left) and fell into the heresy of Ecumenism.

The Milan Synod claims its origin from Bps. Gabriel, Tiago, and Teodoro of Portugal and the Autonomous Western-European Diocese created under them in 1984 by Archbishop Auxentios of Athens. The Portuguese bishops ordained two Italians and a Frenchman (Evlogios of Milan, Gregorios of Turin, and Vigile of Paris) that same year. In 1985, the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece deposed Archbishop Auxentius for simony in the ordination of the homosexual Dorotheos Tsakos, and elected Chysostom Kiousis as Archbishop of Athens in Auxentios’ place. It is unclear if the Autonomous West-European diocese recognized the deposition of Archbp. Auxentios or the elevation of Archbp. Chrysostom Kiousis, or continued with the deposed Archbp. Auxentios, or simply recognized no head (autocephalous) and lost contact.

Regardless, the West-Europeans soon departed the Faith into the bosom of World-Orthodoxy and Ecumenical heresy. In 1989, their Archbishop, Gabriel of Lisbon along with Bishops Tiago and Teodoro, apostatized and joined the ecumenist and uncanonical Orthodox Metropolia of Poland, a part of the heretical Ecumenical Patriarchate. So fell the Portuguese. Roughly at the same time, the Italian and Parisian bishops Evlogios, Gregorios, and Vigile established communion with the uncanonical, ecumenist Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America, also part of the heretical Ecumenical Patriarchate, followed by their establishment of canonical communion with the Ecumenist Patriarchate of Kiev in 1994. The official documents of the Milan Synod, now under ‘Metropolitan’ Evlogios of Milan, since at least that time have recognized the ecumenist Patriarchates of World Orthodoxy as valid and sister-churches. Besides ecumenical activities with Roman Catholics and World Pseudo-Orthodox, the Milan Synod’s ecumenism has lately reached beyond them even to the Monophysites. Archbishop Evlogios’ 2005 “Fraternal Message to All Bishops of the Oriental [Monophysite] and Byzantine Churches” vigorously attacks the authority of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Ecumenical Councils as well as the Orthodoxy of St. Leo of Rome, completely recognizes unity with Monophysitism, and decries ‘the 15 centuries-long lack of unity in the Church of Christ’, which it demands be restored by immediate union and capitulation to the Monophysites.

All indications are that the head of the Milan Synod, Evlogios, is a Freemason, since he encouraged one of his priests to become a member of the Lodge. He also has no care for the purity of the clergy, since he ordained to the episcopacy the notorious homosexual activist, Giovanni Mapeli.

In consequence of all this, and also its one time communion with the heretical group known as the Synod of Resistors under Metropolitan Cyprian of Fili, no one can rightly consider the Milan Synod an option for those seeking true Orthodoxy, and the Milan Synod rightly finds a place on this website with all its other ‘sister-church’ heretics and schismatics.


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