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Something interesting about Met. Euloghios of Milan’s
Conversion to the Greek Old Calendarists

Metropolitan Euloghios of Milan (formerly Klaus Hessler) was a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church for 13 years, from 1970 to 1983. His reason for leaving the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate was rather prosaic - money. The Municipal Council of Milan raised the rent quite significantly on his church building in Milan. He asked Moscow for more money but they never sent any, so he left Moscow and found a new Church allegiance with a Greek Old Calendarist group which was willing to finance him.

This is how it is explained on the official Milan website:

“In 1983 the municipality of Milan changed its canon of rent and augmented in the case of the big Russian Parish of St. Nicolas in Milan, the rent 70 time more. In this difficult situation Archimandrite Evloghij asked for the first time a necessary financial help from his Mother Church of Moscow. Moscow seemed to have not the “blessing” of the KGB, which controlled the whole church life, especially abroad, and for this reason Moscow Patriarchate abandoned completely the big Parish of Milan and his head, the Archimandrite Evloghij was obligated to ask for help another Orthodox Jurisdiction. There was not time enough for choice! Milan accepted the fraternal help of the Holy Orthodox Autonomous Metropolia of Western Europe – Greek Orthodox Church T.O.C., under His Beatitude Metropolitan Gavrijl of Lisbon, which was at that time the only true orthodox Church in western Europe with a missionary spirit.”

Source: The Autonomous Metropolia of Milan – Synod of Milan – of Russian Origin!

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