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By Judaism we do not mean the religion of the Old Testament, taught by the holy Prophets living in expectation of the Christ and the New Testament, and which was, in fact, the dimmer form and shadow of Christianity; rather, we mean the sect of the Pharisee-rabbis which our Lord censured so severely as of the devil and which the pages of the New Testament record conspired to deceive their own followers and destroy the true Messiah and the newly-born Church as a hated rival and opponent of their designs. The New Testament story leaves off with their attempt to have the Roman authorities execute St. Paul without cause, even as they had done with our Lord Jesus Christ; however, their hatred for Christianity and our Lord and their work against it did not end there.

After two very bloody and unsuccessful revolutions against Roman rule, which ended in the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, and their exile from Judaea, the surviving Pharisee-rabbis set up together with their fellow rabbis in Babylon an international government over the Jewish diaspora and codified their godless traditions into a new law for the portion of the Jewish people that apostatized and did not accept the Christ, of which a part, (now called the Talmud), was made public knowledge to their male co-religionists (but never fully to outsiders) and a part of which (now called the Kabbala) remained the cherished secret of the rabbis and select male initiates only - women and youths, however, were left out of this instruction and simply subjected to the strict rule of the older men and rabbis.

The codified, published part of the oral tradition of the Pharisee elders (the false doctrines and wicked practices of their sect, a few of which the New Testament makes specific mention or gives vague reference to, and which the Old Testament denounces as well), consists in: (1) the traditions which abrogate the need to fulfill the moral or most ceremonial laws of the Prophets and affirm that anything including pretended apostasy is permitted to a Jew so long as it does not harm the Jewish people and it benefits at least one Jew, Non-Jews or ‘Goyim’ (‘cattle’) being relegated to inferior or sub-human status, since they are described as half-breed offspring of Eve and the devil-serpent, while Jews are pure souls with a divine element, destined to master the universe; (2) rules for various trades, especially commerce and banking (usury), and how to swindle and dominate Non-Jews; (3) an amalgamation of thinly-disguised pagan rituals and doctrines such as fate, panentheism, astrology, rules for consultation and use of demons, gnostic cosmology and experiences, every kind of magic, (human) blood sacrifice, sodomic and pornographic tales, as well as jokes, mockeries, and rabbinic self-glorification at God’s expense (e.g., the rabbis defeat God in debate, He praises them for their obstinancy and cunning, and they make their own rulings more authoritive than His law), the utmost denigration and abuse of all women, and Jewish male self-worship; and finally, (4) slanderous tales and mockery of the Old Testament saints who are depicted as teachers of magic and immorality, mocking accounts of how they executed Christ’s Apostles, along with even more numerous and slanderous tales that Christ repudiated Moses, lead the people into idolatry and immorality, performed all His miracles and His Resurrection by powerful Egyptian and Jewish sorcery, was defeated in an aerial magical battle by a rabbi, is now tormented in hell, and innumerable other abominable teachings that have led to indescribably great crimes and also the occasional backlash of anti-jewish violence and discrimination over the centuries.

The essential theological underpinning of Judaism, represented more clearly in the Kabbala, is the panentheistic conception that God is a simple all-permeating life-force of existence, the basis for all being, of which Man, or more accurately, Jewish Man, was the most pure emanation and representation, the original master of the universe, who through the misuse of his own powers, fell into darkness and progresses back to the mastery (original unity, uniting all under himself) by relearning the right use of the powers of the universe (scientific, ritual, magical, etc.) and re-uniting all beings under himself. From the root of this organization and teaching, which is self-classified as Jewish ‘Orthodoxy’, have sprung several later daughter-groups who retain to one degree or another the same Pharisaic heritage: among the purely-jewish are: Kairites, Sabbatians, Frankists, Spinozans, Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist.


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