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Russian Orthodox Church in Exile (Anthony Orlov)

The group of bishops formed around and by Metropolitan Anthony Orloff is another off-shoot of the heretical ROCOR-Vitaly Synod. They are uncanonical and graceless because they have fallen into the heresy of Ecumenism. As is well known, in 1983, the Russian Church Abroad anathematized the heresy of Ecumenism. Nevertheless, Metropolitan Vitaly, as the head of the Russian Church Abroad, led his synod into communion with the very heretics he anathematized by entering into communion with Metropolitan Cyprian of Fili eleven years later.

After his retirement from the episcopacy, Metropolitan Vitaly "re-claimed", against Church rules, the headship of the ROCOR in 2001. He did this under the banner of trying to be more faithful to Orthodoxy, in the name of saving her from the ecumenical policies of Metropolitan Laurus. Thus he started his own church, after falling away from the Faith seven years earlier.

In 2006, Metropolitan Anthony (Orloff) initiated a new split in the synod of Metropolitan Vitaly on the basis that the First-Hierarch was suffering from dementia. With the cooperation of Archbishop Victor (Pivovarov), Anthony proceeded to ordain two clergymen from Russia to the episcopacy in a small candle dipping shop in Montreal, Canada. He then elevated himself to be the head of Metropolitan Vitaly's synod, instructing all of the faithful to submit to his ecclesiastical authority. Because of these actions, he was suspended from the episcopacy and ultimately deposed.

Metropolitan Anthony's synod has committed numerous canonical infractions, primarily because Metropolitan Anthony himself is ignorant of the vast majority of the holy canons that govern the Church. Those who are seeking authentic Orthodox Christianity should surely avoid this pitfall.

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