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“The deposition of Metropolitan of Oropos Kyprianos (Cyprian) Koutsoumbas”

Below are some excerpts of the 10 page court case, from the official periodical of the GOC of Greece, Voice of Orthodoxy; pertaining to the defrocking of Metropolitan Kyprianos of Oropos and Fili and all the rest of his bishops.

"The Holy Synod of the GOC on the 5th/18th of November 1986 deposed the Metropolitan of Oropos Kyprianos Koutsoumbas and demoted him to the rank of the monastics, because he has fallen into the heresy of Ecumenism and torn himself away from our church. This fact constitutes an especially sorrowful happening in the history of our struggle, because as it was proven, the deposed Metropolitan Kyprianos Koutsoumbas for over fifteen years succeeded in deceiving the GOC Church of Greece pretending to be a sincere Orthodox Christian; he even succeeded in rising up through all the degrees of the priesthood and becoming a bishop. However, his heart was totally being torn to pieces from his cacodox sermons of new calanderist Ecumenism."

On July 1986 Cyprian's Bishop Chrysostomos Gonzales of Etna, California wrote an open letter to the new calendar Archbishop Iakovos (Koukouzis) where he states to him that their synod has cut themselves off from the rest of the Old Calendar Church because the Cyprianites still believe that the new calendar church is the mother Church. He states: "We never denied the existence of grace in our Mother Church," meaning Iakovos' church. And then he continues, "We are not another Church over and above the Mother Church..." and further down he congratulates Iakovos for "his many accomplishments" and wishes to him that among "the many accomplishments to also one day be able to bring your Orthodox brethren (Old Calanderists) together with you."

He finishes his open letter saying:

“I the youngest and least among the traditionalist bishops in this country, ask your forgiveness for any involuntary offense and humbly kiss your right hand. The very least Monk, Bishop Chrysostomos of Oreon Exarch for America of the True Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Greece, Synod of Metropolitan Kyprianos of Oropos and Fili.” July 18th 1986 (old style)


“At Korydallos, at the Holy Temple of the Great Martyr Marina, at the Streets of Queen Sofia and Crete, today the 5th/18th November 1986, the Holy Synod of the GOC Church of Greece convened in an assembly in a Synodical Court to judge the case against Metropolitans of Oropos and Fili k. Kyprianos Koutsoumbas, John of Sardinia, and those ordained by them, to wit: a) Chrysostomom Gonzales (Mexican) b) Niphon Gigoundou (Kenyan), c) Chrysostom Kouskoutsopoulos, d) Chrysostom Marlasis and three more, that is: one Swedish, one Italian and one Austrian of whom their identities are unknown to us, all of whom compose the innovative “Holy Synod of Resistance”

We can conclude from the above mentioned circumstances that Metropolitan Cyprian Koutsoubas came to the Church of the G.O.C. with a plan to form his own personal "church" preaching heretical teaching that is contrary to the Faith passed down to us and kept by our Church until now.


The Archbishop of Athens CHRYSOSTOMOS
The Metropoliatans of: Pireus and Salamina GERONTIOS,
Fthiotidos and Thaphmakou KALLINIKOS,
Attikis and Megaridos ANTONIOS, Dimitriados and Magnisias MAXIMOS,
Ahaias and Peloponnesos KALLINIKOS, Oinois MATTHEOS, Pentapoleos KALLIOPIOS,
Dodecanisou KALLINIKOS, Thessalonikis EYTHIMIOS,
Chiou and Psaron and Oinouson STEPHANOS, Acharnon ATHANASIOS,
Evripou and Evoias IOUSTINOS

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