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Subsequent history of ROAC

October/November 2004 - The family of Fr. Michael Graves of ROAC-Haiti releases news of his sudden and unexpected death, his body having been found the previous week in his bathroom after parishioners’ noticed his several days’ absence from the mission-school. The parish and the family are justifiably upset because all ROAC-Valentine bishops and clergy refuse to travel to Haiti to bury their priest as required by Church tradition and ritual, but instead demand the immediate sale of the departed clergyman’s vestments and ecclesiastical goods, with the proceeds to go to themselves. The parish being left penniless, despite Metropolitan Valentine’s guarantees of generous financial support, and with only the leadership of Fr. Michael’s 188 recently converted, unbaptized Haitians, they decide to leave ROAC and return to the wealthy but heretical Greek Archdiocese of Central America and its S.C.O.B.A. funds. This marks the beginning of a series of events leading to the dissolution of ROAC-Valentine or AROC in this hemisphere.

July 26, 2005 - ROAC-Valentine releases amazing news of a conspiracy and an attempted succession on the part of the “AROC” or followers of Met. Valentine in the U.S.A. According to Ukase #63 of Metropolitan Valentine of this date, AROC/ROAC-Valentine (U.S.A.) clergy and chief administrators Fathers Victor Melehov, Spyridon Schneider, and Christopher Johnson had traveled to Russia and enticed Archbishop Anthony of Yaransk, the Suzdal convent of the Deposition of the Mantle of the Virgin Mary, and also possibly Archbishop Seraphim of Abkhazia and Sukhimi into succeeding from Met. Valentine’s Synod on the pretext of the continuing heretical preaching of the newly-promoted Archimandrite Gregory Lourie on the worship of the name of God and other issues, with the intention of having them ordain Fr. Christopher a bishop and forming their own synod. However, as soon as Met. Valentine got wind of the plot, apparently being informed of it by Archbishop Seraphim, he immediately conferred with the alienated bishops, promoted Bishop Anthony of Yaransk to Archbishop with a place on the governing synod of ROAC and announced the planned formation of a committee to be headed by Archbishop Anthony of Yaransk to investigate the teachings of Hieromonk Gregory Lurie (again). Then, having thus bought off and pacified Archbishop Anthony, the Metropolitan announced the immediate suspension (effective June 26th) of all the clergy involved in the plot, in anticipation of their trial and deposition. It was later discovered that AROC Archpriest Dionysi McGowan had also been involved in the plot and therefore suffered suspension as well. The immediate result of these events is that now AROC only has one functioning parish in the Western Hemisphere, that of Fr. Vladimir Shishkoff in New Jersey. ROAC-Russia media spokespersons repeatedly speak of the consistently schismatic and unorthodox history and past behavior of the suspended “unworthy”clergy, which is most ironic given the fact that it was for such schismatical and unorthodox characteristics among other things that Archbishop Gregory opposed their entry into ROAC and that in defense of these very clergy Met. Valentine chose to cause a schism to secure their entry. Finally Met. Valentine deposed all of these priests.

September 5, 2005 - ROAC-Valentine releases news that because of “obstinancy” toward the Metropolitan and disobedience to the Synodal instruction not to preach concerning the heresy of Name-Worshipping and other similar admonitions, the newly-elevated Archimandrite Gregory Lourie has been deposed. Lourie and his supporters do not accept the validity of this decision, promptly suggest the retirement of the incompetant Met. Valentine, and begin sending out feelers for a possible transfer to HOCNA and Lourie’s ordination to the HOCNA episcopate if ROAC-Valentine does not correct itself. Yet again, it is ironic that Met. Valentine has finally deposed Fr. Gregory Lourie, for whose sake he has not shirked from creating or suffering schisms in Russia, England, America, and almost a fourth in Russia and America, and now it looks like a 4th schism will be caused by Fr. Gregory’s St. Petersburg parish leaving. At last, after nearly 6 years of Fr. Gregory’s heretical preaching, having lost so many parishes and a bishop and threatened with the loss of his catacomb parishes and bishops, it seems that the Metropolitan was forced to remove him, since it was proving far too costly to keep him.

November 1, 2005 - Matushka Anastasia Schatiloff, nee Grabbe, (the daughter of Bishop Gregory Grabbe), who encouraged Met. Valentine to break the canons and was an instigator of the ROAC schism in America against Archbishop Gregory, was seriously injured in an accident in Suzdal. She fell down some stairs and broke her neck, lower back, and two ribs. She was flown back to New York and died on Tuesday evening, November 1. She was a member of ROAC, yet she was buried by ROCOR clergy and she had her funeral service chanted at the ROCOR Cathedral in New York.

November 14, 2005 - On the Feast of the Protection of the Virgin Mary, Metropolitan Valentine was attacked in his home. Three intruders knocked him down, gave him a hard blow to the head and he lost consciousness. Then he was repeatedly beaten about the stomach and liver. They tore the bandages from his ulcerated foot, dragged him to a large room where they bound his hands and feet with a lamp cord and a towel, taped over his mouth, and rolled him up inside a carpet. He was latter found and sent to the hospital and went to Switzerland to recuperate.

January 2012 - Metr. Valentine, head of ROAC, dies and is replaced by Archb. Theodore, who is elevated to the rank of Metropolitan. Since Metr. Valentine’s 2004 schism, the Russian Federation has seized all the churches of ROAC in Suzdal and the surrounding area. The faithful now have to resort to prayer in their homes as in the times of the Communist era.

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