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The Genuine Orthodox Church of America
Eighth Synodal Meeting
March 25, 2010
The Annunciation

The eighth meeting of the holy Synod of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America was attended by His Eminence, Archbishop Gregory of Denver and Northern America, President of the Holy Synod, and His Grace, Bishop John of Colorado Springs and Southern America.

Excerpt from the Synod Meeting:

Concerning the Question of our Synod Identifying itself as the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church

In the course of the existence of our Synod of Bishops, as we have endeavored to obey the holy canons precisely and blamelessly before God, we have based our existence on the same canons that our former Synod, the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, used to defend their severance of communion with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, which was a sound defense. Unfortunately, the Synod in Russia allowed itself to be lead into the abyss of uncanonical actions and lies by its first hierarch. To protect the innocent lambs of Christ, our Synod therefore acted decisively to steer the diocese of Denver and Colorado back to obedience to the holy canons. In accordance with this direction, we called upon the faithful to reject the abuses of the first hierarch who was initiating a schism in the Church by remaining in communion with us, as ones who had not violated the tradition of the Church.

At this initial stage, Archbishop Gregory identified himself as the lawful representative of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, albeit he was a lone bishop. As events unfolded, and our Synod was canonically comprised of three bishops, we adopted the more precise appellation of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America, which name conforms to the canonical status of all the true Orthodox Churches worldwide who find themselves in opposition to the heresy of Ecumenism, as well as the conglomeration of schismatics.

We therefore wish to clarify for our clergy and laity our canonical identity. The official name of our holy Synod is the Genuine Orthodox Church of America. The President of our Synod is Archbishop Gregory of Denver and Northern America, who exercises episcopal authority over the northern half of the United States. Bishop John of Colorado Springs and Southern America is also a member of the Synod. The Secretary of the Synod is Archpriest Athanasios Tsorvas of Holy Trinity church in Arkdale, Wisconsin.

Those communities of clergy and faithful who find themselves outside the boundaries of these respective dioceses are obliged to commemorate the President of the Synod, Archbishop Gregory, in their divine services.

For the past several years, we have continued to support the existence of the web site www.roacamerica.org for those souls needing instruction regarding the schism Metropolitan Valentine initiated. However, the Holy Synod will now remove this site from the internet, which has caused some measure of confusion to those approaching our Church.

Archbishop Gregory
Dormition Skete
P.O. Box 3177
Buena Vista, CO 81211-3177
Contact: Archbishop Gregory
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