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The Parliament of the World’s Religions

“I am a Trappist monk, that is, a Catholic monastic. And I belong to a group called Monastic Interreligious Dialogue under the direction of Rome for dialogue with the eastern religions, especially Buddhism, which has a monastic core to it...To be here participating at the World Parliament of Religions is very much a part of what we do... It’s a thrill to be here, meeting people, sharing with those from other religions, helping to break down some of the walls of misunderstanding or confusion that exist between us. When we come together and share like this, then we come to understand that we have the same experience at our deepest levels. And when we come to understand this, then everything else seems to be just details.”

A Trappist Monk, part of the Roman Catholic Delegation to the 2nd Parliament
of the World’s Religions (Chicago, 1993), which the Vatican helps to fund.
Videotaped interview at the Parliament, see video: “The Pan-heresy of Ecumenism and
the Role of the Vatican in the Interreligious Movement”, C.T.O.S., Etna, CA, 1996.

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