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Christians of the Jerusalem Patriarchate Inbreeding

It has long been a custom in the Jerusalem Patriarchate to allow inbreeding among its members. This ungodly practice has been going on for decades in all of the countries under the Jerusalem Patriarchate. These bishops allowed this uncanonical behavior when the Roman Catholics began to allow it to their people in the Holy Land. The Latins did this in emulation of the Moslems in order to maintain their numbers, and it is sad to note that the Jerusalem Patriarchate bishops followed the Latin bishops in this abominable practice.

We present here below a study of Moslem inbreeding by Nicolai Sennels, which confirms why such a practice has been forbidden for Christians since the beginning of the Church. The fact that such a practice is permitted by the Jerusalem Patriarchate is just another indication of their departure from confessing the true Faith and their loss of grace.


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