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There Is Nothing More Pagan: Mormon Teaching

Battle Cry
Issue Date: January/February 1985

You will never learn Mormon doctrine from their Articles of Faith. Those are written to hide their teachings from “gentile” readers. You must look into their secret temple ceremonies and the writings of their prophets. Here are some of the surprising results.

Mormon scripture consists of four books. They are: (1) The Book of Mormon (2) Doctrine and Covenants (3) Pearl of Great Price and (4) The Bible (in that order). The first three books seriously contradict the Bible. Mormons often ignore the Bible, claiming it is “mis-translated.”

Joseph Smith was God's prophet. “No man can come to Christ except through Joseph Smith.”

Prophets are better than Scriptures. The words of a Mormon prophet supercede those of the written Scriptures.

God was once a man who progressed to Godhood. Mormons believe we can do the same. Their God has a physical body of flesh and bone.

There are many gods in heaven. God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are supposedly separate gods, united only in purpose.

God is having kids. Surrounded by what must be 1,000 or more wives, God is having little spirit babies which will inhabit the people born on the earth. The number of babies this requires Him to produce daily is incredible! No explanation is given why their God of flesh and bone, having babies through physical sexual contact with his wives, has only spirit babies. They teach that Mary married God to have Jesus (or else He would have been illegitimate) and then divorced him to marry Joseph.

Dark skin results from a “curse” placed upon certain spirits, presumably for some failure during “pre-existence.” This anti-Negro doctrine is an embarrassment for Mormon leaders, and they are under great pressure to change it.

Women need husbands for resurrection at the end of time. Without a man to “lift the veil” over her face on resurrection day she won't make it. She is desperate to see her husband remain a true Mormon so she may be resurrected. Women's liberation has not made great inroads here.

Jesus had many wives. They say Mary and Martha were among his wives. One Mormon authority said Jesus was killed for his polygamy.

The Book of Mormon is infallible. Mormon Articles of Faith say, “We believe the Bible to be the Word of God as far as it is translated correctly: we also believe The Book of Mormon to be the Word of God.” They claim anything in the Bible which denies Mormon teaching is “incorrectly translated.”

Polygamy in heaven will be the rule. While early Mormon leaders taught and practiced polygamy, today few practice it due to fear of arrest. However, they teach that men (but not women) will be polygamists in heaven.

Marriage for eternity is performed in Mormon temples. Perhaps they consider Jesus' words to the contrary (Matt. 22:30) are “mis-translated.”

“Holy underwear” is put on during the Mormon marriage ceremony (performed only in the temple). These “garments” must always touch the body for the rest of life. This is supposed to keep the “anointing oil” of the temple ceremony from escaping. Some irreverently call then “angel pants.”

Baptism for the dead is done to provide non-Mormon ancestors a place in “celestial glory.” Mormons spend great sums on genealogical research to find relatives who had no Mormon baptism. They say no one can get to heaven without baptism, and heaven has no water, so they baptize the living for their dead.

Proxy marriage for the dead is performed in Mormon temples. Mormons believe that loved ones who died outside Mormonism will live alone in the hereafter. Mormons conduct proxy weddings to “seal” these dead ones so they can be husband and wife in heaven.

Three heavens (degrees of glory) are taught: “Celestial,” “Terrestrial,” and “Telestial.” All except the worst sinners (doomed to perdition) are expected to go to one of these. Only Mormons who marry in the Temple, keep the “Word of Wisdom” and wear their “garments” can get to the Celestial kingdom. God is supposed to be there. Those whose works aren't good enough, are stuck with the lower levels, where they are denied the “joys” of a polygamous eternity.

There is no hell according to current Mormon teaching. Even though The Book of Mormon teaches about hell, Mormons deny its existence. Much of current Mormon teaching contradicts their “infallible” Book of Mormon.

The one true church is the Mormon church. All others are apostate.

Many of their doctrines, taught by Mormon “prophets,” are a great embarrassment to present Mormon leaders. They are even attempting to deny that their great prophets ever taught some of theses things.

But the historical record is clear. The writings of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and others include the above doctrines.

Obviously Mormonism, which bases its claim to be the true church on the absolute reliability of early Mormon prophets, is proving today that those prophets were not speaking the words of an infallible God. Mormonism is continually changing and self-contradictory.

Imagine being born into this pagan system, believing with all your heart that it is the only truth! May God give us compassion and boldness to lead Mormons to abandon this horrendous mixture and find life-changing faith in Jesus Christ!

Source: http://www.chick.com/bc/1985/mormonism.asp


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