Catechetical Materials

Contains a full Orthodox Catechism as well as the Catechetical Discourses and Expositions of the Doctrines of the Faith by the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church. Also contains basic instructions in the practice of the Orthodox life.

Met. Anthony sketch

Orthodox Catechism

by Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky) of Kiev and Galicia
Translated and expanded by Dormition Skete, 2021
First published in 1924 in Sremski Karlovtsi, Serbia
Collected Works. Volume I: DAR; Moscow, 2007.

Blessed Metropolitan
Anthony (Khrapovitsky),

Met. Philaret Sorrowful Epistles Title
Met. Philaret Sketch

Catechetical Lectures of Our Holy Father Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem

Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith
By St. John of Damascus

Catechetical Writings and Lectures
by Met. Anthony Khrapovitsky (+1936)

To the Young People of the Church
On the Law of God
by Saint Philaret the Confessor

A Workbook for Young People to Study about the Spiritual Life
(Also good for adults)

Table of Contents

* Table of Contents
I. Conscience and Moral Responsibility
II. The Nature of Sin
III. Virtue
IV. God’s Law
V. Freedom of Will
VI. The Christian “I”
VII. Humility
VIII. Conversion of Sinners
IX. Grace and Salvation
X. Learning and Religion
XI. Emotional Development
XII. Emotional Development in Children; And on Christian Hope
XIII. The Education and Development of Man’s Will
XIV. Strengthening the Will With Work and Vows
XV. The Struggle Against Lust
XVI. Other Carnal Problems: Christian Death
XVII. Christian Justice
XVIII. Falsehood: Christian Charity
IXX. Envy: Cursing and Anger
XX. Insolvent Ethical Systems
XXI. Christian Love as the Basic Principle of Morality
XXII. The Orthodox Family
XXIII. Family and Society: Patriotism
XXIV. Christian Service: War
XXV. Christianity and Communism
XXVI. The Unity of Love For God and For Neighbor
XXVII. The Christian Obligation to Know God
XXVIII. The Necessity of Prayer
XXIX. The Model of Christian Prayer
XXX. Prayer: Feasts and Fasts

Edifying Letters

Below are some edifying letters we have sent out through the years
explaining the Orthodox approach to various questions.

The Greek text in these documents is rendered using the Scholars Press SPIonic font, free from here.

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