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ROCE-Vladimir is the name now given to the Synod that is the successor to Metropolitan Vitaly’s schismatic group, which is also known as ROCE-Vitaly. When Metropolitan Vitaly broke away from the Russian Church Abroad in 2001, he started a synod of bishops in opposition to the Russian Church Abroad, claiming to be more faithful to the Orthodox Faith. In reality, though, he and all the Russian Church Abroad had already fallen away from the Orthodox Church when they entered into communion with the condemned Greek heretic, Metropolitan Cyprian of Fili and his “Synod of Resistors” in 1994. This was, in essence, the moment of their betrayal. When any bishop, not to say a synod, enters into communion with a heretic, he himself becomes a heretic.

The first bishop that Metropolitan Vitaly “ordained” was Hieromonk Vladimir, a very young man, below the canonical age, but a person who uncannily exhibited the same characteristics as Metropolitan Vitaly. What we are referring to here is the intolerance of hearing or accepting that he is in error. He operates with an almost pope-like rule of authority, which is uncharacteristic of an Orthodox bishop.

Neither bishop, nor their synod, can accept the fact that being in communion with the heretical Cyprianites for eight years had any effect on them. Thus, they disregard the Canons and the Tradition of the Church from apostolic times. Anyone looking for the true Church of Christ should beware of this false group of bishops, and all of the groups that sprouted from them.

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