Bishop Nektarios

Bishop Nektarios - Background / Biography

Bishop Nektarios was born on 3 May 1973 of a poor family to Mr. Bernard Sseguya and Veronica Machumi at the village known as Buwala - Bbanda subcounty, Busujju county, in Mityana district. His current residence is at the headquarters of the Genuine Orthodox Church Nakabango on Kamuli Rd, 11 kilometers from Jinja city adjacent to Kyabazinga Palace.

He attended all the typical primary and high school education facilities of Uganda. He was inclined to the religious life from his youth, and although brought up in the Roman Catholic jurisdiction of Uganda he freely left and joined the Greek Orthodox Church in Uganda in the year 2000, which was under the Patriarchate of Alexandria. After being received into the Alexandrian Patriarchate, in May of 2001 he was ordained a deacon at the age of 28, and a year later ordained to the priesthood by the ruling hierarch of the Greek church in Uganda, Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga. As a single parish priest he converted many Ugandans to Orthodoxy and established many churches throughout his region. He was also appointed as a teacher in the Saint Paul Orthodox Seminary.

After receiving a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Religious Science and also a Bachelor's degree in Theology in 1998, his Metropolitan Jonah wanted him to be educated further, so he enrolled him in the Ugandan Christian University Mukono, to achieve a Master's degree in Education Planning, which he acquired in 2006. He immediately embarked upon his Doctorate degree in Philosophy and Biblical Counseling, which he obtained in 2008 at Therapon University on St. Thomas Island (one of the Virgin Islands in the USA.)

Later Father Nektarios was appointed to be the chairperson of the spiritual court of the Orthodox Church in Uganda where fortunately he learned of the grossly uncanonical conditions of the Patriarchate and of its involvement in the ecumenical movement, plus other serious issues such as the calendar question.

Seeing that no one cared for correction or repentance, in frustration Father Nektarios fell away from the church and lapsed back into Roman Catholicism in the year 2010. Although he was accepted whole-heartedly by the heretics, he realized that this was not the proper road to salvation, even though many had followed him in their quest for the True Church.

He then decided to come back to Orthodoxy, but certainly not World Orthodoxy of the ecumenists and the masons and the modernists that call themselves Orthodox. Fourteen clergymen joined with him to beseech God to lead them to the True Orthodox Church. They gathered together at a spiritual retreat that would focus only on prayer and fasting for one whole week, and beseech God with their whole heart to direct them in the way they should go. At the end of the week, with one accord they decided that the Genuine Orthodox Church of America, although small in numbers, is the only church that seemed to them to be true. The senior hierarch, Archbishop Gregory, was a true disciple of the great hierarchs of the Russian Church. He was moved by the supplications of the 14 clergymen to receive them and help all the people of Uganda.

Although Bishop Nektarios, on his journey to find the true Church, endured all the frustration and setbacks that accompany those who seek the truth, suffered bruises and pitfalls, but finally through it all he has come to a perfect knowledge of where the Church is. He has renounced all his former affiliation with heretical Roman Catholics and heretical "Orthodox", and all previous affiliation with any jurisdiction that he may have been associated with, and with the one voice of the Orthodox Church anathematizes those religions.

Bishop Nektarios has made a life-changing commitment, not only to himself, but to all the people of Uganda, to be a role-model pointing the way to salvation.