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Presentation of Liturgical Items
January 2008

Presentation of Liturgical Items

As part of the ongoing support the Genuine Orthodox Church in America provides for our parishes abroad, we sent a very large crate filled with liturgical items to our clergy and faithful in the Congo and Uganda in December 2007. The items arrived in January 2008.

Above are photos taken in Kananga, Democratic Republic of the Congo, at the presentation of the items to the clergy.

Among the items sent to the Congo were the following:

8 Medium Chalice sets
1 Large Chalice set
9 censors with ten extra bells
two large packages of incense
4 sets of chalice covers
several packets of icons (about six or seven)
30 copies of the Exposition of the Orthodox Faith (French)
10 Liturgies of St John Chrysostom (French)
36 Liturgical Calendars (French)
4 instruction/picture books for tying komboskinis
Official copy of fall Pastoral Letter
1 bolt of fabric
2 spools of yarn

Chalices and other similar liturgical items were also sent to Uganda at this same time.